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COC’s new Initiative for the Preservation of Opera will use a multi-faceted approach to ensure that the art form we are so passionate about will be accessible to future generations.

We are dedicated to the development of the next generation of audience members, performers and composers.

Our Incubator Series along with our many concert performances and recent premiere of Steven Mark Kohn’s opera, Mary Chesnut, have provided us the opportunity of featuring the new work of composers from around the world. The launching of this new
initiative will bring into focus the need for developing future performing artists and audiences.


It makes sense that the students in the conservatories, with all of their youthful passion for the art form and a deep interest in its continuing existence, should be the ones to engage and inspire our youth at the preschool and elementary school level, thus ensuring the future of the art form by creating the artists and audience members of the future.

Our PLAY IT FORWARD programming will pair talented, engaging student artists with young audiences, to inspire interest in and promote appreciation for the classical musical performing arts.

“It is so important for people at a young age to be invited to embrace classical music and opera.”
                                                                 -Luciano Pavarotti

 Please consider a donation of any size to help bring the music we    love to young audiences throughout the Cleveland area!

OPERA: Past, Present…Future?

ContempOpera Cleveland’s Initiative For The Preservation Of Opera