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“It is my profound belief that there is, within each human being, a creative force which yearns to find its outward expression. We call what results from that yearning, “Art." Whether you are just embarking on a performance career, are a seasoned professional trying to regain the passion you once felt for your art before the “business” aspect took over, or someone who is searching to find their own creative outlet, Artistic Life Coaching can be a means to personal discovery, inspiration and authenticity. I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you!”

Many Blessings!



ContempOpera Cleveland’s Artistic Life Coaching Sessions led by Andrea Anelli

Do you have a desire to:

*Forge your own path?

*Create your own definition of success?

*Discover a deeper meaning in your life’s work as an artist?

*or Find a way to connect or reconnect with the artist within you?

Andrea Anelli is a certified Life Coach with decades of experience as a professional performing artist as well as valuable expertise and practical knowledge gained as a successful entrepreneur and administrator of two non-profit arts organizations


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